Below are our brands that share the same values as Renew + Restore.



Samudra Skin & Sea

Samudra Skin & Sea is an ocean-inspired skincare line featuring wild-harvested seaweed rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that feed and nourish the skin.



yoga wear


Poseurs started as a Yoga Fanzine, and has continued its run as the longest running yoga zine to date. It has grown into a full on class series, and clothing line. Our mission is to bring affordable yoga to the people, and to open up the conversation about the weirdness, and awesomeness of this practice.



Danny Pellissier

Danny Pellissier is a portrait, lifestyle and brand photographer residing in Seattle, WA. Danny is committed to creating captivating moments and building people and the brands he believes in from the bottom up. In fact, all photography seen on is the work of Danny. Check out his work below. Shoot him a message. Danny is always happy to meet up and discuss photography, your vision for your brand, or just share a cup of coffee and say hello.




Gregory John Smith

Gregory John Smith is a designer with 8+ years in branding, print, & user experience design.

Gregory's strong character and fun personality lend to a punchy, impactful, and well-versed aesthetic. His creativity is fueled by an appetite for king crab, a passion for music, and a history in the fine arts.

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